Greeting God

Hello, Friends.

As we hear the nativity story, see nativity scenes, and listen to songs about the birth of Jesus, we encounter the joy people experience when they greet Immanuel, God with us, in Jesus the baby.

Elizabeth and John the Baptist, still in her womb, leap with joy at the presence of Mary and the yet unborn Christ. (Luke 1)

The Shepherds leave their flocks to go and see this amazing site that angels came and proclaimed to them. (Luke 2)

Wise men from the east travel a great distance to catch a glimpse, and to lavish Him with great gifts. (Matthew 2)

Anna and Simeon see the child and rejoice that their long-awaited hopes have been answered. (Luke 2)

And Mary, who certainly is most blessed, treasures all these things in her heart as she holds the infant Jesus, Son of God and Son of man, Immanuel, Redeemer, Savior, and Lord, whose own death will redeem her and all mankind, and cradles the culmination of God’s plan of rescue in her arms. (Luke 2)

And now we, who though we have not seen Him, love Him and are filled with joy at the knowledge of Him (1 Peter 1).

May our hearts still be stirred at the hope that this birth brings to all the Earth!

Oh come let us adore Him,
Oh come let us adore Him,
Oh come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord.