Melba Friends Church Youth Group is a place where middle school and high school teens can connect with one another and Christ in a safe and tremendously fun and meaningful way.

2018-19 Schedule

“The Event” Nights

The first Wednesday night of each month will be our event night.  This is a time to celebrate together and have all kinds of fun.  It is a night to invite and make new friends, play huge games, have lots of laughter, win prizes, and consider taking steps to grow your faith.  Great food begins at the church at 6:15pm, and we wrap up our time at 8pm.

“The Life” Nights

The second and fourth Wednesday nights of each month are life nights.  Life nights are times where the youth gather in smaller groups to explore the Christian faith and openly talk about hopes, struggles, questions and doubts.  These nights utilize the Alpha resource which seeks to create a space to explore life’s big questions, to say what you think and to hear other people’s point of view.  The Alpha course works to introduce the basics of the Christian faith through a series of talks and discussions.  We gather at the church at 6:15pm, split into small groups (older students will travel off campus to a home group), have quick bites for dinner and snacks available, and the groups will wrap up by 8pm.

“The Story” Nights

The third Wednesday of each month are nights centered around the story.  These nights will be gatherings where we gather together for a meal, a few games that build connection, and ultimately have someone share “the story” of how Jesus has changed their life.  The goal of these nights is to help youth connect what they are learning about the Christian faith with real life stories of people who follow Jesus.  We will begin at 6:15pm with a family style meal together and will wrap up by 8pm.

A Message from Pastor Chris
“Some of our national and religious leaders might lead us to think that the current culture of young people in America is very anti-faith, anti-Christianity, but what we have found in Melba is that there are many people, young in age or young in heart, that are truly wanting something more, something of faith and belief in their lives.  At Melba Friends, we strive to create an atmosphere that is both comfortable and encouraging so that people of all ages can come and enjoy hanging out and discover the truths of Christianity and the person of Jesus Christ without fear of being misunderstood or pressured.”