Meet Our Pastors

Pastors are called to equip the body of believers to serve and grow!

The Hinderliters

Chris, Jessica, Ethan, and Hannah Hinderliter moved to Melba, Idaho in June of 2001. Chris started as the senior pastor in July of 2001. Chris and Jessica met in college at Barclay College in Haviland, Kansas. They were married in May of 1997 in Meridian, Idaho at Meridian Friends Church (Jessica grew up in Boise). Chris graduated from Barclay with a degree in Pastoral Ministry in May of 1999 and later with a Master of Arts in Family Ministry, and Jessica graduated with a degree in Chrisitan Ministries in May of 1997. They were blessed with twins Ethan and Hannah in January of 2001 and have definitely enjoyed calling Melba “home”.

Chris greatly enjoys his family and his ministry. He works to serve the community through being a part of the Melba City Council and through coaching girls basketball at the Melba High School.  Jessica is a dedicated mom and enjoys scrapbooking and helping at the Melba Elementary School, she also loves spending time with her friends. Ethan and Hannah are very active and love going to our church next door! Chris also substitute teaches at the local Melba schools and is blessed to build friendships and try to be someone the kids can talk to when they are in need.

A message from Chris:

“I love being a pastor because it is such a blessing to be a part of people’s lives in the most important area and to help them see God working in and through them.  It is such a blessing to see individuals and families overcome obstacles, find new strength, and give their lives Jesus!  God called me to ministry when I was just a new believer in high school, and he brought us to Melba to share the good news of Jesus Christ to the people of our community.  Melba is such a wonderful place to live, and I long for everyone to know that God loves them so very much and that He sent His only Son so that they could leave behind a life of sin and failures and walk into a life that is transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.  I hope that as you are reading this, you can make the decision to join us for gatherings of worship, come and see that Jesus is alive and still transforming lives today.  Come as you are and bless us with the opportunity to meet you.”

The Ellises

Rich and Nancy Ellis (Jessica’s parents) joined Melba Friends Church in 2006 after many years of friendship and ministry at Meridian Friends Church. Rich joined the staff as a Minister of Christian Development and uses his time to work on visitation, discipleship, and preaching. Rich prayed that if God would enable him to retire early, he would devote his time to free ministry. God blessed Rich’s request, and Melba Friends is blessed to have Rich’s wisdom and ministry. In actuality, it’s a double blessing because Nancy has always had a heart for teaching young children, which she does faithfully at Melba Friends too!

A Message from Rich:
God has blessed Nancy and I in many ways, just one of which is our ministry here at Melba Friends.  We both want to use the talents God has given us to further His work here at Melba: encouraging, teaching, and praying for each of you. God asks that we never be satisfied with where we are, but always strive to close the gap between us (God and man), to live in the unity of the Spirit (among believers), and to bring the message of hope to those He sends our way. Let us study, pray and fellowship together. Love, Rich & Nancy Ellis.