Good Friday

Thank You, Jesus, for taking my sin and my shame.
Thank You for bearing my guilt and taking my blame.
Thank You for enduring my doubts, fears, and pride.
Thank You for the nails in Your hands and the spear in Your side.
Thank You for loving this whole world even though it would abandon and reject You.
Thank You for Your patience with those who are still far away from understanding what they need to do.

Friends, as we walk through this day let us remember what our joy and salvation cost our Savior. We do not need to be sad or somber; no, we can rejoice because we are on the other side of the cross. We do not see our hopes lost with the death of our Lord, but rather, we see new profound hope because of what He accomplished. We do not see an end with the death of Jesus, but our beginning in a new life that starts now and lasts forever. We see love, forgiveness, and welcome as we see the cross.
And we see Easter is coming!