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Ripple Effect

Imagine sitting at a crystal clear lake. The water is so smooth you can see the perfect reflection of the landscape as if you were seeing double. The mountain rises […]


Hello Friends! Pastor Rich tells the story (better than I do!) of a time when he worked at a service station and they had a car brought in that was […]

Hinges and Rudders

Hello Friends! We take hinges for granted. You know hinges, those things on the door that attach it to a frame and enable the door to swing open or closed […]

So Full!

Hello Friends! Ever eaten too much? I mean, have you ever been at a meal that was so wonderful, so delicious, that you just kept eating and eating? One of […]

Happy Are the Sad

Hello Friends! I remember when my dad awoke me one morning during my middle school years. He woke me up gently to break the news to me that our dog, […]


Hello, Friends! I feel that I grow and learn more every single time I have read through the 4th chapter of the Gospel of John. Well, I suppose that is […]

What I Learned From Vacation

Hello, Friends! I’ve missed seeing you, hearing your voices and stories, and I’ve missed the time spent worshipping the Lord with my home church.If you didn’t know, our family spent […]

Awoke In a Panic

Hello, Friends, In May of 2017, I graduated with my Masters of Arts in Family Ministries degree. It was a blessed time to be together with fellow students who, like […]

June of 2010

Hello, Friends! warning soccer illustrations ahead Every four years 32 teams from around the world gather together to play a tremendous tournament known as the World Cup. Each team battles […]